1. Who can participate in this competition?

The IKEA SEA Young Designer Award is open to all students and undergraduates who are currently enrolled full-time in tertiary institutions in Singapore and Thailand. Students who have graduated from their course of study are not eligible to participate. Please refer to the Rules and Regulations tab for more information.

2. Are there any participation fees?

Nope, competition is free.

3. Are group submissions allowed?

Yes, you may either participate individually or in groups of up to 3 people.

4. How many entries can I submit?

Each participant/group may only submit one entry.

5. Are there any restrictions to what design concept I can submit?

Your idea/design must be one that addresses THE FOOD WASTE CHALLENGE. All entries must be new, original and unpublished – never featured in any media channels or design competitions/awards.

6. When is the submission deadline?

Entries are to be submitted online by 31 May 2021, 2359hrs.

7. Can I be member of more than one team?

We like things simple and uncomplicated. Individuals can only enter the competition once. So no, either enter on your own or as a member of a team of up to three.

8. Must I attend the Masterclass if I am a finalist?

Yes, we'd love to help along your journey. Finalists must attend the Masterclass, at least one member of the team must be present.

9. I am current student at a tertiary institution in {{ origin }}, but due to COVID, I am residing out of the country and attending classes online, can I still join the competition?

Yes you may join the competition, you will be required to attend the masterclass, produce a prototype, and participate in the Grand Finale via video conference should you make it through to the finals.

10. Where do I submit my design concept?

All submissions can be uploaded at yda.sea-ikea.com/sg under our SUBMISSION tab.

11. In what format should I submit my design concept?

Your design concept must be using the template provided and saved in PDF format, A3 size, with a maximum size of 8mb (300dpi). Only one file may be submitted per entry. Artwork must include general dimensions of the product, and have an accompanying description of no more than 150 words to explain the concept, function, and materials of the design.

12. How will the winners be selected?

Out of all entries received, the Top 15 design ideas/concepts will be chosen. Finalists will then present their ideas for final judging at the Grand Finale.

13. How will the design concepts be judged?

Design idea/concept submissions will be judged according to the IKEA Democratic Design process based on five pillars: Form, Function, Quality, Sustainability, and Affordability.